New stable Flutter version

New stable Flutter version

On the last month, the flutter team release the new version of its framework. The version 1.17, being this, the first stable release of 2020.

This new version includes a huge number of improvements and fixes.

About the improvements, this version put the focus on apps performance, this could be done thanks to the updated support of Metal iOS, achieving a performance improvement on an average of 50%. On Android, there were improvements in the Material Design implementation.

Besides that, new Google fonts were implemented and new Text Theming were added, giving more flexibility and options to flutter developers.

From issues points of view, this version get a total of 6,339 issues closed since our 1.12 stable release, achieving a reduction in the amount of issues created by internal and external customer.

At Clovinn we keep recommending using flutter to build our customers apps and we keep working hard to keep our team up to date with technologies updates.


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