How the get the most of iOS14

How the get the most of iOS14

Apple presented the preview of iOS 14, and even the release date was not confirmed, it is said that the new version of iOS will be live on September 2020.

Besides others great upgrades that you can read here, the new iPhone OS supports widgets on the Home screen, which allows the user to customize the screen using widgets from different apps which is a great opportunity to generate a loyalty from those users that do not use your app regularly.

Another great feature is App Clips which allow users to use some functionallity of your app without the needs of installing it.

Does you app have a purchase functionality? If yes, take advantage of Sign in With Apple and Apple Pay to quickly authorize users and confirm their purchases.

Want to do more? Augmented reality was improved to allow life-size projections and many more, Health App can get now your sleep behavior.

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